Stay Charged On The Road: Essential Tips For Maintaining Your Car Battery

Stay Charged On The Road: Essential Tips For Maintaining Your Car Battery


Your car battery is a vital component that ensures the smooth operation of your vehicle. To avoid unexpected breakdowns and maximize the lifespan of your battery, proper maintenance is crucial. This article presents essential tips from a reputable car battery service Dubai to help you maintain your car battery and stay charged on the road.

Regularly inspect and clean battery terminals:

Over time, corrosion can accumulate on the battery terminals, hindering the flow of electricity. Routinely inspect the terminals for any signs of corrosion, such as a white or greenish powdery substance. If corrosion is present, clean the terminals using a mixture of baking soda and water and a wire brush. Ensure the terminals are properly tightened after cleaning.

Check and maintain proper fluid levels (Flooded Batteries):

If your vehicle is equipped with a flooded battery, regularly check the fluid levels. Ensure that the electrolyte solution (a mixture of water and sulfuric acid) covers the lead plates inside the battery. If the fluid level is low, add distilled water to bring it up to the recommended level. Avoid overfilling, as it can cause electrolyte leakage and damage the battery.

Keep your battery charged:

Extended periods of inactivity or infrequent short drives can cause the battery to discharge. If your vehicle is not in regular use, consider investing in a battery maintainer or trickle charger. These devices provide a low-level charge to the battery, ensuring it stays properly charged. Additionally, avoid leaving electrical accessories on when the engine is off to prevent unnecessary battery drain.

Protect your battery from extreme temperatures:

Extreme temperatures can affect battery performance and lifespan. During hot weather, excessive heat can cause the battery fluid to evaporate, leading to accelerated battery wear. Park your vehicle in shaded areas whenever possible. In cold weather, the battery’s capacity decreases, making it harder to start the engine. Consider using a battery insulation kit or parking your vehicle in a garage to minimize exposure to extreme cold.

Avoid excessive electrical system use:

Excessive use of electrical accessories, such as headlights, audio systems, and charging ports, can strain the battery and lead to faster depletion. Be mindful of your electrical system usage, especially when the engine is not running. Minimize the use of accessories when the vehicle is idling or turned off to preserve battery life.