The Top Phases Of Construction

The Top Phases Of Construction


Construction projects are houses, roads, airports, and infrastructure. In these areas, buildings must be safe and energy-efficient. Contractors and construction companies in UAE typically build housing estates. Larger construction projects are typically for industrial or commercial use. These buildings can be anything from factories to office buildings. Some are even military facilities. If you’re planning a construction project, you’ll know that several stages will affect the project. Understanding these phases will help you plan a successful project.

Pre-construction phase:

The pre-construction phase of a construction project is a key step in the construction process. This phase involves the management of the entire project team. This group is responsible for implementing the project’s design and construction plans. It will also oversee and monitor budgets, schedules, and quality control.

Design phase:

The design phase of a construction project begins with project conception. This phase involves selecting a building location, specifying the required building codes, and identifying design features. The project team also conducts feasibility studies to determine if the proposed solution will meet the project’s overall objectives. Upon completion of the design phase, the construction project can move into the next phase. The construction budget is determined, and a project team is assembled to oversee the project’s development.

Procurement phase:

The procurement phase of a construction project involves ordering materials and assembling and staging them before the start of construction. This process is extremely complicated and should be approached carefully. Incorrect procurement can cause delays, cost overruns, and even the need for replacement materials. Proper procurement helps curb these risks and ensures that the project moves forward on time and within budget.

Procurement managers are responsible for creating requests for proposals and managing contracts. This process can become complicated and demanding as the construction work climate becomes more difficult and the labor supply becomes tight. This can result in disruptions in the supply chain. Moreover, new reporting metrics are also adding to the complexity of a construction project.

Construction phase:

The construction phase is one of the most crucial phases of a construction project. It involves all aspects of the project, from budgeting to managing the project scope and schedule. In addition, the construction manager oversees the quality control of the work. These services help ensure that the project remains on schedule and budget.

Closeout phase:

The closeout phase of a construction project involves finalizing the project. It involves reviewing and assessing the project documentation to ensure all work is completed according to schedule. It also involves confirming payment and release of resources. In addition, the closeout phase will also include a post-mortem of the project, which will review the project and identify any opportunities for improvement.