Mistakes To Avoid While Making Modular Kitchens

The Best Way To Update Your Old Kitchen Look You may have a kitchen that looks stuck in the '80s or '90s. This can be caused by the color of your walls, counters, cabinets, and backsplash. If your kitchen has floral wallpaper from the 90s, consider getting it removed or repainting it. The following information will help you change the entire look of your kitchen. View it now to choose the right kitchen suppliers in Dubai for your kitchen. Use a fresh coat of paint: If your kitchen has a dated look, it may be time to update—fortunately, many ways to update dated elements, including cabinet refacing. New cabinetry can conceal outdated appliances, and front panels can match the existing cabinetry. Fully integrated appliances look sleek and modern. Old wallpaper trim is another telltale sign of a kitchen stuck in the 80s. A fresh coat of paint can help give the room an updated feel. Consider cabinet refacing: A kitchen that looks outdated may be a good candidate for cabinet refacing. Refinishing your cabinets can give your kitchen a fresh, new look and change how it functions. You can update your cabinets by adding new hardware, such as soft-close drawers and hidden hinges. You can also add modern conveniences like lazy susans to your cabinetry. This will make your kitchen look new and fresh, making the drawers and cabinets easier to open and close. Add new appliances: There are many ways to spruce up your kitchen without spending a fortune. Some of these projects don't require changing any existing furniture. Adding new appliances is one of the easiest ways to refresh your kitchen. The right new appliance can completely transform the space without spending a fortune on a renovation. Change your cabinetry hardware: You can also change your cabinetry hardware. Changing the knobs or handles on your cabinetry can give your kitchen a stylish and modern makeover, and they don't cost much. New hardware can also complement the color of your cabinets. Add a new color palette: Adding a new color palette to your existing cupboards can give your kitchen a new look. You can even update your home appliances by replacing them with coordinating front panels. A fully integrated look will give your kitchen a completely new look. You can also get rid of the dated look of your walls and trim by using a fresh paint color.


Modular kitchens come in various sizes, and you can also get custom-made models for a surcharge. The great thing about modular kitchens is that you can choose the design, size, and color for your kitchen without waiting long for the entire construction process. These things make them unique and different. However, before you start designing your modular kitchen in Dubai, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Avoid choosing materials that will get dirty easily:

While designing a modular kitchen, you should remember the basic features that determine its functionality. For example, you should avoid choosing materials that will get dirty easily. Instead, choose materials that are easy to clean. Ideally, the countertop and cabinets should be made of marble or granite, durable, and easy to clean.

Choose the right lighting:

Lighting is another important feature to consider. It is not only necessary for safety reasons but also adds to the aesthetic appeal of the modular kitchen. It would help if you chose fixtures that give adequate lighting for the countertop, cabinet, and ambient lighting. You should avoid using overhead lighting, as it can create shadows and is less useful. Also, make sure that you use task lighting where possible.

Choose recycled glass countertops:

When you choose recycled glass countertops, you’ll have a long life for your countertops. These countertops are made of recycled glass and cement, which are highly durable and can last 50 years or more. However, they can be susceptible to scratches and heat. You can keep them looking good by cleaning them with a soft cloth and warm water. It would help if you sealed them at least twice a year to prevent etching.

Look for the proper ventilation system:

Proper ventilation in a modular kitchen is essential to ensure safe cooking conditions for occupants and the food. Proper ventilation helps control the temperature in the kitchen and eliminates irritants like smoke and airborne particles. Proper ventilation will prevent health problems such as respiratory problems and general discomfort due to improper ventilation.

Consider a vertical storage option:

Vertical storage is an important feature that improves efficiency. It improves the accessibility of stored items and reduces the time spent searching for them. This feature is also advantageous for businesses since it improves productivity and helps staff to be more effective. In addition, vertical storage also frees up horizontal space, allowing for more space for the staff and revenue-generating activities. Using specialized vertical storage solutions can also enhance the accuracy and efficiency of inventory management.