Facts About Desserts

Facts About Desserts

No matter how a person becomes allergic to sweet or no matter how much a person becomes strict on a diet, whenever one sees a dessert in a bakery or in a hotel or anyone who passes by with the box of doughnuts bought from the best dessert places in Jumeirah, they all want a bite of it.

It is a kind of thing that we all want, it is unresistable and one does not need any kind of reason to eat it. There are some studies that show that if you ate something sweet in the beginning of your food, the food will become healthier.

This practice is also done by Muslims from all around the world in Ramadan when they are about to open their fast, they eat a date first then they eat or drink different foods. If you are a kind of person who loves desserts and you want to know all about it then you are in luck because here, we will tell you some amazing facts about desserts, keep reading to know more;

The chocolate river: we must have all see the movies named Charlie and the chocolate factory and if you have not seen then skip this fact and watch the movie first because all desserts lovers have seen it. And, in this movie, the production house actually made a chocolate river which was made up of water, chocolate and cream.

Hong Kong: only some people loved baked apples and, in Hong Kong if you have a wedding and you love baked apples, then visit McDonald’s and get their wedding package and you will get a cake made up of baked apples.

The most expensive chocolate sundae in the world: there is a chocolate sundae that is made of most expensive chocolate in the world and some other rare ingredients and it has 18 carats of gold in it as well and it costs 25,000 dollars.

The oldest fruit cake in the world: in 1878 a guy named Jay Leno added alcohol in fruit cake ingredients and it lasted 125 years.

The candy cane: according to German folk lore, the candy cane was made for children to sit quite in the church.



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