Dominica Citizenship By Investment – The Ultimate Guide

Dominica Citizenship By Investment - The Ultimate Guide


Dominica citizenship by investment program is open to individuals who can invest in the country. Dominican government does not set a certain age limit for the application, but it is recommended that you have a basic command of English. You can also apply for citizenship for your future spouse or children, even if they are still young. The application process takes between 60 and 90 days.

Due diligence:

Before investing in Dominica citizenship, you must do your due diligence. You and your family members must undergo a thorough investigation into your background and investment intentions. This step is mandatory and will determine whether or not your application for Dominica citizenship will be approved. It will also include checking your criminal background and source of income.


To apply for Dominica citizenship by investment, you must deposit around $100,000. Then you will need to make a substantial business investment in the country. You must also invest at least three months per year in the country to keep it active. In addition, you will need to ensure you are active in the business industry to maintain your residency. Once approved, you will be given the right to purchase a Dominican passport.


To become a Dominican citizen by investment, you must make a substantial economic contribution to the country. This contribution is usually made through purchasing real estate in the country. The amount of money you must invest varies, but you will typically have to donate at least $200,000 to qualify.

Travel freedom:

Dominica has one of the world’s lowest-cost citizenship programs. Contributions to this program start at only $100,000, which makes it one of the lowest contribution levels of citizenship programs. In addition to a monetary contribution, you can choose to invest in real estate.

Family members:

The Commonwealth of Dominica citizenship by investment program is designed to allow investors’ family members to become citizens. A family member must have financial support or a “substantial income” to qualify for this program. The government does not specify what constitutes “substantial financial support” in this program.