5 Styles Of Flower Arrangements For Different Events

5 Styles Of Flower Arrangements For Different Events


Using plant materials and flowers to create a balanced composition or display is known as floral design or flower arrangement. There are some basic styles to choose from when arranging flowers. These styles are fan-shaped, vertical, round, and oval. Each has its benefits and disadvantages. Choosing the right style for your event will make the floral arrangements look more impressive. Here is useful information about different flower designs. View it now for reliableĀ birthday cake and flowers delivery in Dubai.

Oval-shaped flower arrangement:

A stunning oval-shaped flower arrangement can make a memorable impression. This shape is commonly used in flower arrangements for weddings and other events. Its layers create a dense yet elegant appearance. Many florists recommend this shape for bouquets, baskets, bunches, and more. Whether decorating for an office party, a formal dinner party or a birthday party, this shape is the perfect option.

Fan-shaped flower arrangement

To create a fan-shaped flower arrangement:

  • Start with a large shallow vase.
  • Select various flowers with similar or complementary colors to create the fan shape.
  • Cut the stems evenly to create an even fan shape, and arrange them into the vase. You can also use a foam half-ball to create a fan shape.

Vertical flower arrangement:

When creating a vertical flower arrangement, you will want to use a tall vase wide enough to display all the flowers. You will also want to use floral foam to hold the flowers in place. You should choose a focal flower for the top of your arrangement and place the rest of the flowers around it. The goal is to create an eye-catching arrangement that fits with the rest of the decorations at your event.

Round flower arrangement:

A round flower arrangement is a great choice if you are planning a formal event. A round bouquet can be created with a single flower or a mix of several different types. It can start with a circle of floral foam in the middle and then add long stems around the perimeter. Adding greenery will also add contrast and color to the arrangement.


There are many different ways to design beautiful centerpieces. You can choose a flower arrangement based on color or theme or create a multi-layered look with different hues of flowers. You can also consider where your event will take place, as some floral arrangements can last only a few hours in a hot or humid environment.